Each crew is free to buy their plane tickets on their own or to do through The TransCanada 2022 Organization, which is at your disposal to provide you with an answer to your research among our partner airlines.
Ask us at transport@tcanada.ca.

Each participant of TransCanada 2022 must be present in Halifax (NS, Canada) no earlier than Thursday September 8th, 2022 – 11:00 pm, Halifax (NS) time.

Each participant’s participation in TransCanada 2022 ends at Toronto (YYZ), Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at the end of the afternoon, Toronto (ON) time.

Any participant who buys his plane tickets himself, must imperatively send his flight coordinates to the Organizing Committee of the TransCanada 2022.


Each night, the TransCanada 2022 accommodates all the crews in the same hotel but allows itself the possibility of using different hotels during a stage that would have no hotels of adequate capacity to accommodate all the participants.

The cost of overnight stays, which are, included in the participation fees, are overnight stays in double occupancy. A supplement will be, charged for the use of a single occupancy room. The choice of using a single occupancy room may be for the whole of TransCanada 2022 or few nights. For all rates and for specific set-ups, contact us at: transport@tcanada.ca.

If, during TransCanada 2022, the crew decides to change room type (single occupancy, one bed or two beds in the room), The Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022 requires minimal of 24 hours notice.

In Canada, more than a, few hotels do not offer smoking rooms, and public health violators are routinely, prosecuted and faced with heavy fines.


The rights to participate in TransCanada 2022 include, for each crew, all breakfasts or brunches, a minimum of 10 mid-day snacks and 14 dinners.

Any addition of cutlery for any meal scheduled in the TransCanada 2022 program will result in subject to a supplement and will be, billed to the crew who request it. The crew should advise the Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022 as soon as possible.

All alcohol consumption will be the responsibility of the participants, with exception at the Gala dinner evening from  Friday September 23rd, 2022.

Each participant is free to attend or not to attend the meals organized by TransCanada 2022, except for the Gala dinner on Friday September 23rd, 2022, where the presence of all the crews, who have made it to the arrival point of the TransCanada 2022, is imperative.

There is no refund given in the event of absence from a meal in the program. Crews at times will be, asked and expected to respect certain schedule meals, lunch stops and to accept possible minor differences from the traditional meal schedules.



Each crew is responsible for delivering their vehicle to the port of departure from which their vehicle bound for Canada.

Each crew is responsible for picking up their vehicle, at the port of arrival to which will be, shipped his vehicle after participating in TransCanada 2022.

The port of departure and the port of arrival may be different but once the ports have been, confirmed by the TransCanada Organizing Committee, it will not be possible to change.

The Organizing Committee of the TransCanada reserves the right to impose a port other than the one selected by a crew. For logistical reasons, the committee requires even number of vehicles for each of the ports used. The last vehicle registered, per port area, directed to another port

The vehicles transported by sea, in exclusive containers with two vehicles participating in TransCanada 2022.

For all customs procedures concerning the vehicle, crews must bring an ATA carnet in which their vehicle will enter. This ATA carnet must be duly complete and required upon delivery of the vehicle to the port of departure. Without this completed ATA carnet, the vehicle cannot be, shipped to Canada. ATA carnet kept by TransCanada Organization and given to the crew, after their participation in TransCanada 2022, when they come to pick up their vehicle at the port of arrival. An ATA carnet, obtained from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of your region of residence.

Upon delivery of the vehicle to the port of departure, the crew must present the original registration certificate of the vehicle and a valid insurance certificate confirming that the vehicle is insured for travel in Canada for the duration of TransCanada 2022. Without these documents, the vehicle cannot be, shipped to Canada.

Upon delivery of the vehicle to the port of departure, checks made on the condition of the tires, the condition of the windshield, the general lighting of the vehicle, the presence of a jack and a spare wheel and compliance with legislation on noise emissions. If the vehicle fails these checks and the situation not resolved, the vehicle will not be, shipped to Canada.

According to Canada Customs criteria, the vehicle must be clean, free from soil or dirt residue arbitrary, in and on the vehicle and on the tires.

For shipments of their vehicle, the crew can take out cargo insurance at their own expense.

For all questions and additional information, contact us at: transport@tcanada.ca.


Each crew is responsible for delivering their vehicle to Halifax (NS) on Thursday, September 8, 2022 between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm or Friday, September 9, 2022 between 9:00 am and 10:00 am local time in Halifax (NS).

Each crew is responsible for picking up their vehicle at the previously determined place, in agreement with the Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022, when registering.

Each crew, coming from the United States, will make its own customs declaration in border concerning his vehicle.

The TransCanada 2022 offers you to reposition the vehicle and, if necessary, its trailer, which have been, used to transport the vehicle participating in the TransCanada 2022 to Halifax (NS). The repositioning service will be the responsibility of the crew.

Once the TransCanada 2022 is completed, the Organizing Committee of the TransCanada 2022 will be responsible for repatriate the participating vehicle, by auto transporter or railcar, to Canadian cities of Montreal (QC) or Halifax (NS).

For shipments of their vehicle, the crew can take out cargo insurance at their own expense.

For all questions and additional information, contact us at: transport@tcanada.ca.


The transport of participants’ luggage, from one stage to another and throughout the duration of the TransCanada 2022is, supported by the Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022. An exclusive truck is, dedicated for this purpose. Each participant will be, asked to leave their luggage, before leaving for the day’s event, in a space of the hotel provided and identified for this purpose and to collect it on arrival at the end of the day at the hotel. next, in a space provided for this purpose, or directly in his room.

A personalized tag for each piece of baggage will be, given to each participant on arrival in Canada. Each participant will be responsible for ensuring that their baggage is, always identified.


The Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022 offers Medical Assistance for the entire period of the event. A member of the Organizing Committee of TransCanada 2022, from the medical world, is qualified and competent to assist, give valuable advice, or accompany any participant in the purchase of medications in Canadian pharmacies.

Any allergies or dietary restrictions must be known to Medical Assistance of TransCanada 2022, as stipulated in the registration form.

If your condition is more serious and requires prescription medication, he will put you in the hands of a general practitioner in the province which you are in. Our medical manager will have in his possession an updated list of doctors previously referenced by TransCanada 2022 at each stage of the journey. The same for pharmacies.

Be aware that Canadian medical legislation limits the recognition of a prescription in the province in which it was issued and that a prescription issued by a foreign physician, not registered with the Federation of Medical Orders of Canada, will not be, recognized or accepted in Canada.

If your condition requires hospitalization or emergency intervention, the Canadian healthcare system health will be able to respond by providing appropriate services in ubiquitous establishments throughout the course, with workers practicing quality medicine.

If you are currently on medication, we invite you to provide an adequate amount of your medication for the duration of your stay in Canada, and a little more. Indeed, to avoid a loss, we suggest that you entrust a certain quantity to our medical manager who will be, in charge of “the medical kit of the TransCanada 2022”. He will give you your medication, at your request, at any time, or, at the latest, during the last step.

For the duration of TransCanada 2022, a dedicated cell phone number will be, communicated to you, making Medical Assistance easily reachable at any time of the day and night.

For all questions concerning the medical topic, your contact can be, reached at: doc@tcanada.ca.


The TransCanada 2022 will offer you mechanical assistance throughout the journey, supervised by members of the Organization with backgrounds in auto mechanics. As a service unit, their missions are, limited to light interventions but will remain fully available, dedicated, and devoted to the crew in distress. They will accompany him in all the steps to get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

The TransCanada 2022 will also benefit from the support of the Canadian National Association of Motorists, which brings together Canadian motorist clubs offering exceptional roadside assistance service across Canada. Crews participating in TransCanada 2022 will be able to count on recovery vehicles, local platform trucks and access to a local network of garages, making for the fastest and most efficient response possible.

The costs of breakdown assistance at the site of the breakdown and, if necessary, the transport of the vehicle to a recommended local garage, will be, covered by TransCanada 2022. All other costs will be the responsibility of the crew such as, for example, repair costs at the garage, costs for the spare part (s), costs relating to the immobilization of the vehicle (rental of a replacement vehicle, accommodation and meal costs outside the TransCanada 2022 program, etc.), the possible costs of an express shipment for the replacement of the defective part (s), the repatriation of the vehicle, once repaired, to join TransCanada 2022 or transport of the vehicle to a departure area for its marine shipment to its point of origin.

The crew can declare, at any time, the removal of their vehicle from TransCanada 2022.


In Canada, the gasoline marketed is of four different octane numbers, 87, 89, 91 and 94.

We therefore advise you to take this into account and equip yourself with fuel additives accordingly.

Diesel-type is also sold.


In Canada, the dipped beam headlights of vehicles traveling on public roads must be, switched on all the time. We therefore advise you to take this into account and equip yourself with bulbs accordingly.

For crews who do not reside in Canada and the United States, the day of delivery and recovery of vehicles from ports, will be, communicated with in four weeks notice.