The TransCanada is a grand touring ride for historic vehicles.

Without real test of regularity, without spirit of competition or speed but a challenge composed of several doses of discoveries and surprises, spiced with a hint of adventure, all in a jovial atmosphere and a spirit of camaraderie, where we will be able to discover or rediscover the pleasure of driving, sometimes piloting, along a route selected for a long time and served in one of the most grandiose landscapes on the planet, Canada.

Come and participate in the largest event of its kind in North America which, undeniably, will have the potential to become a major event that cannot be, ignored on the international scene of tourist, historical and classic road challenges.

The TransCanada will take you, by a most legendary route, from the east coast of Canada to its west coast, will take you across Canada from coast to coast, from Halifax on the Atlantic coast to Victoria, on Vancouver Island on the Pacific Coast, during a most colorful and inviting time of year.

Come and experience the Indian Summer and let yourself be, charmed by the palette of fall colours and discover the souls of the various provinces of the country and taste the friendliness of Canadians.

This month long and ten thousand plus Kilometer journey, is an invitation to the joys of driving, to the discovery of the cultural richness and the art of living, all in respect of the Canadian highway code the preservation of the fauna and the environments crossed.

Ready for the conquest of Western Canada?